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Emaandar Munshi

Pakistan’s #1 POS Software

Sell More, Manage Inventory, Get Insights.

A Software for Every Business Need

Emaandar Munshi s based on a smart interface that any big or small business can use without any difficulty. Because it’s extremely flexible and you can configure the Point of Sale Software Emaandar Munshi to meet your precise business needs.


Top-Notch Support

in whole PAKISTAN

run your operations smoothly

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Features to Empower your Business

Emaandar Munshi is affordable and easy to use POS Software that covers all the points of the sales to grow your business. Set up your business for success with the online and offline Software.

Dashboard – Real Time Reporting

Time to manage your business by using just a phone or desktop. With Emaandar Munshi be updated about your business from anywhere, anytime. Be aware at every point of your business with Emaandar Munshi Accounts’ Reporting/Inventory status, Profit/lose status and open orders etc. Understand the financial status of your business in one place in the dashboard of Emaandar Munshi and increase the credibility of your business in the market.

Roles and User Rights

Give the different levels of access to your staff according to their designations and secure your sensitive information with simple clicks. Admin/CEO of the company is the one who has all the rights to register and restrict each user with different access rights.

  • Easily manage your staff and make balanced decisions.
  • Track punched sales of the employees and determine the best performance.

Simple, Smart, Secure and Calculated

Boost the exprience of your customers and business operations with Emaandar Munshi

Secure Cloud

Work Offline

Live Reporting

Inventory Management

Role Authorization

24/7 Live Support

2X Profit by managing your selling and saving margins

Track everything that contributes to your success in real-time and take full control of your business.

Check your sales, profits and trends with the graphs.
Track the inventory cost, the profit margins and the negative stock.
Track the performance of your employees with the reports that will only be visible in the Admin portion of the Emaandar Munshi.

Stock Management

Never run out of Stock. Adjust the stock of your inventory with Emaandar Munshi.

Time to track every stock move with Emaandar Munshi. Yes, manager your stock and the products you sell. It’s simple to sell, track and restock your items with Emaandar Munshi’s inventory features.

Track stock level in real-time.

Receive automatic low stock alerts.
Issue printed or electronic receipts.
Apply discounts and issue refunds.

Keep recording sales and even when offline.


Connect a thermal printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer.

Emaandar Munshi can Serve

All Business Types

Fashion Boutiques


Beauty Salons


Retail Shops

Grocery and Supermarkets

Get on site Assistance

Emandar Munshi has your back

Our team will setup POS software and hardware for your store and train your staff

Sales Analytics

Track sales ups and downs and make decisions to change promptly.
View revenue, average sale, and profit.
Determine best-selling items and categories.
View Complete sale history.
Export sales data to the spreadsheets.

Do Accounting Easy

With Emaandar Munshi do your business accounting effortlessly.


Create and track sale/purchase orders without any extra hassle


Our POS saves your time and helps you to on your growing business

Customer’s Loyalty

Keep the records UpToDate of your new and existing customers and reach them back time to time to build a long lasting relationship. Emaandar Munshi helps to:


Build your customer base.


View customer's purchase history to provide personalized service.


Run loyalty program to reward customers for their recurring/regular purchases.


Keep notes on valuable customer preferences.

Emaandar Munshi

Trusted by 100+ Happy customers

Emaandar Munshi always believes in building long-term relationships with its clients and community. Emaandar Munshi express its responsibilities in way to impact the business community positively.


Happy Customers

100% Satisfaction

World Class Design

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    Send Estimate & Quotations

    Emaandar Munshi makes your business look super professional and ensures your customers keep coming back. Create estimates and quotes with our POS Software, share detailed costs and taxes with customers in a few clicks!

    Easy to Use

    Happy customers is our motivation

    Multi-store Management

    Stop Making notes with pen and pencil and start tracking your business in Emaandar Munshi POS Software to grow your business from one store to hundreds of stores. Easy  Steps for the CEO of multiple stores:


    Compare performances of your stores.


    Manage items, employees and customers across multiple locations with a single account.

    Online/Offline Working

    Emaandar Munshi is a solution for every business and stays reliable even if your connection is not.


    Our Point of Sale Software will remain operational without an internet connection.

    Our Assets

    Happy Customers



    “I’m using emaandar munshi point of system for my retail business and happy with it due to the sales and credit, debit reports”
    اس سافٹ ویئر کی مدد سے میں اپنی دوکان میں مال کی ہونے والی کمی کو بروقت پورا کرلیتا ہوں
    “Support team of this company is always available for help. Whenever i faced any problem they picked up my call and resolve my issue. Best support ever.”
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