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About Us

Emaandar Munshi

Point of Sale System

All in one solution for all businesses. Do all calculations of your business within a single click!

About Us – Pakistan #1 POS

Business Solution for all Retailers and Wholesalers

Emaandar Munshi is a Point of Sale System which is providing a solution to the retailers and wholesalers to grow their businesses in a well-calculated and speedy way. All retailers and wholesalers can use this point of sale system online and offline both. Save your time and check your business’s reports and all other stats with a single click in Emaandar Munshi.  We are providing the efficient solutions for all kind of businesses, i.e Retailers, Bakery, Resturant, Barber Shop, Grocery store etc etc.  With Emaandar Munshi track the detailed records of in and out of your business.

Add the Flames to your business

Head Office:

New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Our Assets

Happy Customers

“ I’m using emaandar munshi point of system for my retail business and happy with it due to the sales and credit, debit reports”


"اس سافٹ ویئر کی مدد سے میں اپنی دوکان میں مال کی ہونے والی کمی کو بروقت پورا کرلیتا ہوں"


“Support team of this company is always available for help. Whenever i faced any problem they picked up my call and resolve my issue. Best support ever.”


 Work where your work matters

We make an impact on lives by eastablishing the bussinesess. We have and we are building the passionate and problem solving team day by day.

Our Team

Mahtab Ul Hassan

Mahtab Ul Hassan


Saddam Hussain

Saddam Hussain


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